Tapu Prepared Foods Inc


Our Services

We prepare traditional foods using standard recipes in a hygienically sound kitchen. For packaging of take-away products, we use food-grade packaging devices with appropriate labeling constituting ingredients used, company’s logo, relevant graphics and best before dates. At our selling points, packed foods (Doro Wot, Minchet-àbish, Meser Wot and many others) are kept in deep fridges below 5 Degree Celsius. As our prepared food products are refrigerated (not kept at room temperature), they are best consumed before three months to expiration date. Deep fridges are important storage requirements for our prepared food products.
Cocktail and Buffet Services
We take extensive orders for birthdays, weddings, graduation ceremonies and related social events, customized to meet particular demands of our clients.
Take-Away-Food Services
We have traditional take-away foods ready to go at our selling points located in Addis Ababa. We take online orders on our website, and send our packed foods to respective destinations, using daily flight services.
Ethiopian Cultural Sauces, Spices and Breads
Doro Wot (Chicken Sauce), Kãey and Alchâ Siéga Wôt (Chopped Beef Sauce), Minchét-àbish Kâey and Alchâ Wôt (Smashed Beef Sauce), Mesêr Kãey Wôt (Lentil Sauce), Atêr-Kêk Kãey and Alchâ Wôt (Pea Sauce). These are made ready in various packagings, including 500 gram and 2 Kg packs. We also have spicy ... Read more
Lunch Boxes for School Children and Civil Servants
Upon request, we deliver lunch boxes for school children and civil servants. Are you late to work and don’t know what to pack for your children’s lunch? Do not worry. Just call us at Tapu. And we would deliver your children’s favorite foods when you bring their lunch boxes at our selling point. We ... Read more
Catering Service
We provide large scale catering services for clients. What is the occasion? We cater to your occasions be it graduation, wedding, birthday, anniversary, baby shower or any occasion. We provide large-scale catering services for industrial parks, universities, and hospitals where institutions ... Read more