Tapu Prepared Foods Inc


Why Choose Us?

Eases Your Burden
Women spend more time at home than men and most of this time is spent in the kitchen. Even though more households have maids now, the burden still lays on women. Responsible men also help out their spouses and families in the kitchen. Regardless of who does the kitchen work, it still needs to be ... Read more
Food Ingredients Vs Already Prepared Foods
As we all know there is lack of all-in-one market for food ingredients in Ethiopia. That's why Tapu is the right choice for you. You don’t have to go from market to market looking for food raw materials to prepare your food, when you can have already prepared foods at tapu’s. We simplify your life ... Read more
Quality Food
Our processed foods have gone through rigorous quality assessment procedures. Tapu’s processed foods are not only healthy and nutritious but also prepared in a hygienic and careful way with care. We care about your health; that is why we are concerned with the quality of our processed foods.
Kitchen Space and Facilities
Average households have inadequate kitchen space and facilities necessary for food preparation. But our kitchen is spacious and has all the necessary kitchen apparatus. We are here to give our customers the best of our culinary services. Tapu’s kitchen has also come up with modest alternative for maid dependent houses.